Penderecki’s Threnody with animated score

I’ve been making my way through Britten’s War Requiem with the score. It’s rather amazing… I’d always wanted to get to know it better and now with a little break in my schedule I’m diving right in. Will try and say more about it later.

In the meantime, listening to it reminded me of another approach entirely to music “about” war. So I went back and relistened to Penderecki’s Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima – Dionysian to Britten’s Apollonian, as it were. Not something I can do often. It’s a searing ride, for one thing, and I also think of it as a kind of sacred music – even though the piece was written first and the title purely an afterthought. In any event, for anyone who hasn’t heard it and is up for it, there is a really beautifully done animated score of it on Youtube. Very useful for those who haven’t seen an unconventional score before and are curious about how they might work.

So … hold on to your seat …